OMAN TOURIST VISA period and cost change brings good new for tourists into Oman

Oman’s Royal Oman Police have announced more alterations to Oman’s Tourist Visas.

Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman
Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman

The 10 day Tourist Visacosting Rial Omani 5/- which had been in place for many years that was withdrawn last year, has been reinstated.

This now means that there are now 3 periods of Tourist Visa

As most tourist visits to Oman are less than 10 days, and with families making up a substantial proportion of visitors to Oman, the re-introduction of this 10 day Visa for Rial Omani5/- (a 75% drop in cost ) is likely to have an immediate impact on the decision of people to visit Oman.

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Note should be taken of the policy previously announced that all visa applications for Oman must be applied for in advance through an eVisa system you can select your choice of visa type.  Some possibility is mentioned in a newspaper article of applying via Oman Embassies for this 10day Tourist Visa – in addition, to being mentioned in the above legal notice. However, I suspect applications will also be routed by the Embassy via the eVisa system and in any case will take at least 2 visits to an Embassy and considerable time. The online option is suggested.

If travelling from the UAE check out this previous blog post on UAE border crossings.

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Use the search box on my web site to check for any  updates to visa regulations in Oman .

There are also some Visa changes made specifically for GCC non-national residents, that appear to overlap with the existing  1 month Tourist Visa. Other Visa changes are for certain types of property-owning residents in Oman, whose company will be able to advise them of the details.

As with all regulations do check with appropriate authorities before travel as regulations can and do change.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4