Oman Treasure Hunt

One of ‘reality TVs’ longer lived formats has been The Amazing Race

Amazing Race contestant proposes marriage in Oman
Amazing Race contestant proposes marriage in Oman

which visited Oman a couple of times . Well along the same theme (I think you will agree)  is a new promotion with the Ministry of Tourism and Oman Air is the “First Annual Oman Air International Media Treasure Hunt(dosnt trip off the tongue in the same way though).  Its scheduled to lead into the Tour of Oman bike race. Teams, who are all journalists, have to drive themselves around Oman and undertake what sounds like challenges (all being filmed) – could be fun.

Of course the teams are based on nationality – so as, for some reason, there are no participants from Oman,  I hope Britain wins.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman