OMAN VISA application process is updated changes by Oman's Royal Oman Police to the tourist visa application process in Oman

Visiting Oman? Read on.

Below are the procedures to obtain a visa.
You will also want to read the Covid-19 entry requirements for Oman

The issuing authority of visas for Oman, the Royal Oman Police have announced that the Oman Visa application process is updated – read what needs to be done to apply for an Oman visit visa, based on their announcement.

Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman
Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman

The changes mean that the only way
(according to the announcement) to apply for a tourist visa for Oman is to apply for it online. However after dealing with this online process, I will show an alternative method not mentioned by the ROP or media. 

The changes are concurrent with the opening of the new Terminal at Muscat International Airport on 20th March.

there are 3 periods of Tourist Visa

  • A 10-day Tourist Visa cost Rial Omani 5/-
  • A 1-month Tourist Visa for Rial Omani 20/-
  • A 1-year Multi-Entry (really a business) visa for Rial Omani 50/- all covered in this official announcement by Oman’s Royal Oman Police, through the Oman Government’s Law Website (Arabic PDF only).

HOW TO USE OMAN’S NEW VISA APPLICATION WEBSITE (Microsoft Edge web browser works)

1: REGISTER to use the website (essential and with many fields) & after confirmation -:
2: FILL IN THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM (ensure you have Passport Validity after arrival into Oman of greater than 6 months and that you are a National of one of these countries = Country List 1 noted as G1 or a GCC resident with profession as here) . Note a mobile phone number is requested as well as mothers maiden name.

  • Select Visit Unsponsored Visa / Tourist Visa (or Dubai / Qatar Common Tourist Visa IF you have a PAID for Visa from either of these and arrive directly from them with NO cancellation of that Visa).
  • Select your sub-type of category (for example 26A for 10day visit or 26B for 30 day)
    3: ATTACH DOCUMENTS – Passport Details Page / Passport type personal photo  – small size less than 500kb JPG each.
    4: PAY ONLINE using credit card (you are re-directed to Bank Muscat’s payment site – note that some nationalities do not have to pay – New Zealand included)
    5: RECEIVE THE eVISA  confirmation by email (or rejection!) after some time (or check your eVisa account inbox)
    6: PRINT THE eVISA confirmation
    7: PRESENT THE PRINTED  eVISA confirmation at an official point of entry (airport immigration etc)  with your valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months after arrival.

There does not appear to be any change to the 48 hour pass available to Cruise Ship passengers.

It may be prudent to allow more than the 5 minutes claimed (see below) to receive the eVisa, I suggest allow up to 3-4 days especially at busy periods as the approval procedure is probably partially a part manual approval. The time of day affects the volume of applicants, certainly if applying at night or over an Omani weekend. I blogged about the new system earlier.

You must arrive within a ‘month’ of the issuing of the eVISA confirmation, I suggest that you plan on arrival within 28days as that is a month equivalent for February or 4 weeks depending on their calculation method. The reason is that the visa expires after that ‘month’ and at the very least you will have wasted time and money on the application.

There is the joint visa between Qatar and Oman (link is the Qatar government information). Obtaining a paid for visa stamp (not simply an entry stamp) from the Qatari immigration authorities at Doha (currently 100 Qatari Rials = 27.5US$) should allow you to enter Oman without a need for a separate Oman visa (link is Oman ROP information and note their site seems to be in process of a major update). The flight should be direct and Oman must be the first country entered after Qatar. This process is confirmed by being noted on the websites of both governments.

There is also the option of the joint Oman / Dubai visa – this link is the Oman ROP notice & note that the UAE does not mention this on its own pages. If you obtain a stamped paid entry visa (not simply an entry stamp)  from Dubai Emirate (not the other UAE Emirates) and enter Oman through the Dubai / Oman common border without travelling elsewhere, your Dubai visa stamp should be valid for Oman. You should note the announcement by the UAE on land borders I blogged about here. A flight between Dubai and Oman seems to avoid this uncertainty.  Note that this reciprocal process is not mentioned on the UAE visa page.

Regular visitors to the region will be familiar with policy changes (read frequently asked questions on the ROP site), regulations announced that are not enforced, or unannounced regulations that are enforced.

I have been advised (by the people who obtained them and were included in Country List 1 noted as G1,) that visitors have obtained an ‘on demand’ visa (that is without first obtaining an eVisa) at land borders without any difficulty, despite these announced changes. This means you may be able to get the visa at the airport and land border.

If you are on a Visa-Run from the UAE – check in Dubai with the bus-company for the lastest border information. Here are their Dubai locations & contact details . Their busses pass through 6 times a day with 40 prople each time – so they will almost certainly know what will have in your circumstances. The Oman border contraol is quick – fully computerised (to a central location – so all your details are stored).

The Visa on Arrival counter at the Airport (note there are 3 International Airports, Muscat, Salalah and Sohar – with a 4th at Ad Duqm probably by the end of 2019) is still open to people included in Country List 1 noted as G1, just before the Immigration Hall in Muscat/Salalah.

However both of these on arrival options should be regarded as temporary – as indicted here

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So, while the above is written in good faith, you should always undertake your own enquiries with official departments.
I do suggest that an online application (rather than hoping that the land border will allow instant visas on application, or that the airport application option is still available) is made before travel simply because of the changes that are being made continually to the application process and as it will give 100% assurance that a valid visa has been obtained, and who wants to arrive and find the process has been changed. 

Use the search box on my web site to check for any  updates to visa regulations in Oman .

Below is the background to the changes so you can make your own decisions about what is needed; initial newspaper reports on Feb 18th about the Oman Visa application process changes, gave little additional information to the actual announcement.

“Announcement From Wednesday, March 21, 2018 applications for tourism visa and express visa will only be available online.” The announcement, however, was clear that tourist visas would only be available online.

Oman Visa application process is updated POLICE-ENGLISH-Visa-Announcment
Oman Visa application process is updated POLICE-ENGLISH-Visa-Announcement

Express visas are available to foreign businessmen whose work requires them to visit the Sultanate. These visas are issued to higher qualified professionals on the request of their Omani commercial partners.Later an article in The National, the UAE newspaper, was published on 22nd after the journalist had spoken with

Oman’s police (who) insisted Thursday that the new measures are an improvement.

“You can apply from anywhere in the world, and, receive the visa in five minutes. All it takes are three steps. We hope to increase the number of tourists coming to Oman with the new online procedures in greater number than the old procedures.”

The Royal Oman Police reinforced their decision in an interview with Forbes media though they said that “there will be an area in the arrivals (airport) terminal where they can apply online for their visa” .

A Tweet (in Arabic)

POLICE ARABIC Visa Announcement
POLICE ARABIC Visa Announcement

For a broader perspective of Dhofar and the rest of Oman use my rewrite of the Oman Guide Book for Bradt available in paperback  worldwide here


My other books on Oman include The Land of Frankincense in Dhofar, its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

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  1. Hi, many thanks for the resourcefulness of this blog. I’m applying for the Omani visas online right now and see some skeptical visa charge displayed as OMR 20.000 for each single-entry visa. Can somebody shed some lights on this please as I certainly don’t want to spend over 80,000 on visas for me and my family… thanks a lot!

    1. Hello Benjamin
      The Royal Oman Police are the only authority for issuing Visa for Oman. They list the charge for Visa as Rial Omani20/-(appxEURO44) here
      Its been this cost since 2010.
      The start of the process to check is here
      If people are tourists arriving from Dubai or Qatar there are ‘joint visas’ – and this blog post mentions those

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