Oman updates Visa Application Process

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The issuing authority of visas for Oman, the Royal Oman Police, have announced important changes of how visas can be applied for.

Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman
Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman

Initial newspaper reports on Feb 18th gave little additional information to the actual announcement.

“Announcement From Wednesday, March 21, 2018 applications for tourism visa and express visa will only be available online.”


Express visas are available to foreign businessmen whose work requires them to visit the Sultanate. These visas are issued to higher qualified professionals on the request of their Omani commercial partners.

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Later an article in The National, the UAE newspaper, was published on 22nd after the journalist had spoken with

Oman’s police (who) insisted Thursday that the new measures are an improvement.

“You can apply from anywhere in the world, and, receive the visa in five minutes. All it takes are three steps. We hope to increase the number of tourists coming to Oman with the new online procedures in greater number than the old procedures.”

The changes mean that the only way (according to the announcement) to obtain a tourist visa for Oman is to apply for it online.

The changes are concurrent with the opening of the new Terminal at Muscat International Airport on 20th March. Given that if the system is implemented for the ’21st March’ – its unlikely that the old system will be implemented for a single day at the new airport and then a change made the day after the new terminal is opened. I suggest that visa applications for any arrival a few days before the 20th March are also made as per the new requirements (note visa price changes made in 2017) – and as the application system is already operating – why not use it well before it becomes essential.


1: Register to use the website
2: Fill in the online form & attach documents
3: Pay online using credit card
4: Receive the eVisa by email (or rejection!)
5: Print the eVisa
6: Present the printed eVisa at an official point of entry (airport immigration etc)  with your valid passport – valid for at least 6 months after arrival.

There does not appear to be any change to the 48 hour pass available to Cruise Ship passengers.

It may be prudent to allow more than 5 minutes to receive the eVisa, certainly if applying at night or over an Omani weekend. I blogged about the new system earlier.

Though as is often the case changes to this apparent firm policy may be made, the above is currently the only assured method to obtain a visa.

A Tweet (in Arabic)

POLICE ARABIC Visa Announcement
POLICE ARABIC Visa Announcement

Author: Tony Walsh

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