Omani dishdasha – the Five Approved Designs

Buying a souvenir of Oman can be problematic, with a key question ‘is it authentic’? John Kerry was seen shopping for gifts in Mutrah Souq with lots of advice givers, emphasising the problem of choosing carefully. However one area has been dealt with today the Omani dishdasha – Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry have today issued details to support a Ministerial Decision issued last year.

Omani Dishdasha
Omani Dishdasha

You can choose from Five approved designs of Oman’s distinctive ‘Dishdasha’.
The Common dishdasha, Buraimi, Abu, Shaq, Suri and Bedouin, are the five types approved by the ministry. Acting on Article Three of Ministerial Decision 270/2015, which states that “it is not permitted to import or design traditional Omani attire or compromise or adjust it, which could harm the Omani identity”, the ministry imposed specific standards that dishdasha tailors must follow. The ‘Common dishdasha’ is the style used from Muscat through to around the Nizwa area. Though there are Five designs the style called ‘Abu Shaq’ with the short sleeves is a very casual design, I use it as a sleeping gown. Simplifying the choice further, the Ministry have also specified the fabric to be used and embroideries featured.
Oman is a conservative country, by the nature of the population. The government regulation enshrines this into law, through regulations such as this.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman