Omani Wedding near Muscat

I enjoyed attending an Omani Wedding near Muscat. Dressed in traditional Omani dress with the addition of a formal Khunjar (dagger) &

Three Omani Bridegrooms at Omani Wedding near Muscat
Three Omani Bridegrooms

Saif (sword) three Omani Bridegrooms looked resplendent and very happy at the prospect of their new life. A joint ceremony for more than one person is becoming increasingly common in Oman, for innumerable reasons. They had the marriage ceremony ‘Mulkah’ in the splendid room which was thick with fragrant Frankincense smoke.

The official Omani wedding ceremony
The official Omani wedding ceremony

I was one of perhaps Two Hundred people who jointly were witnesses to the ceremony near Muscat Oman.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman