Empty Quarter Desert, Oman

A chilly night in the Empty Quarter of Oman

The Empty Quarter / Rub al Khali offers a great chance to sleep under the stars . On my way to Salalah in Oman , I drove through the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali ) to spend the night there . The coldest I have ever been in a desert was a couple of years ago when the thermometer dropped to 2c . Fortunately, though cold, at about 10c, my night this time wasn’t so bad. However, perhaps because of the chill or because the Moon had set – I woke at about 2pm. Above was a black sky set with diamonds of stars – wonderful.

Rub Al Khali Empty Quarter
Rub Al Khali Empty Quarter

Needless to say a climb up an Omani Desert Dune was called for and though not as extraordinary as the night sky – the view at dawn from the top is also breathtaking .

Bees in Dhofar
Bees in Dhofar

The next day I arrived in Salalah and amongst other things came face to face with a friends Omani Bees . He had moved his hives from the mountains because of the cold and wind – I could understand why.


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4

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  1. That sounds absolutely beautiful! A 2am photo shoot of the night sky sounds perfect!
    We have wanted to get out for a night stay in the desert but didn’t know quite how and where.
    Any tips?

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