Oman’s Flora and Fauna

on a Group Tour in Oman

I took a small group from Zegrahm Expeditions to visit Oman’s Botanic Garden where Dr Annette Patzelt the site’s Scientific Director kindly explained the work and future of this unique establishment.

Dr Annette Patzelt at Omans Botanic Garden
Dr Annette Patzelt at Omans Botanic Garden

The Botanic garden has the largest collection of plants from the Arabian Peninsula. Through the collection of seeds, and the rescue of mature trees which were in a construction zone Oman’s Botanic Garden is both attempting to create a seed bank and a study centre for the flora of Oman the adjacent lands. The Botanic Gardens is yet to open, however the visit was planned to give us an insight into Oman’s flora. 

Later, after travelling down the coast we were fortunate to see Green Turtles nest at Ras al Jinz.

Green Turtle Watching Oman
Green Turtle Watching Oman

Here, along a 40kilometer stretch of coastline thousands of Green Turtle annually lay their eggs within one of Oman’s protected areas.  Other species nest in a wider geographical area.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

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  1. OH awesome. I remember this being presented as a concept a long while back now and that it is well on its way is pretty awesome

  2. Hello.I’m just wondering where the botanic garden is in Muscat.I heard about it but unsure It was open for the public yet.

    1. Its not finished – probably will take t i m e. A visit needs pre-organising – (as a group – I think )

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