Oman’s Royal Horse Racing Festival

is held in the warm sun

With the threat of rain over it was good to to take up an invitation to attend the Annual Royal Horse Racing Festival at the Royal Stables in Oman.

Royal Horse Race Program
Royal Horse Race Program

The afternoon made a nice conclusion to the last 3 weeks of rain. Sultan Qaboos attended with guests including Sheikh Mohammed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. From the Sultan’s stables several Akhal-Teke Horse – which are a very elegant breed – were shown. So, it was disappointing not to have been able to bring cameras into the grounds especially as a friends horse won the 5th race.


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

2 thoughts on “Oman’s Royal Horse Racing Festival”

  1. Hi-is there any horse race track in Salalah, Oman?
    Thanks & Rgds

    1. Dear Captain Pijush,I am sorry to say that there are not any .
      Its surprising as the region used to be a major supplier of horses to India ( for 100s of years) and if you look at a recent post on our blog there are horses in Salalah

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