Oman’s Travel Regulation regarding Covid-19

Oman’s authorities have given an overview of Oman’s Travel Regulation regarding Covid-19 for future visitors entering the country via the airports. I suspect many requirements will also apply if arriving by road or sea, especially insurance and reserved accommodation. Always check with your own Foreign Ministry for their travel advice and with the airline you use for up-to-date information as it is very likely to change periodically. Critical is the entry visa – best obtained through the eVisa page.

All arrivals must have health insurance that covers the cost of their Covid-19 care for a period of up to one month.

Oman Air Inflight
Oman Air Inflight

Passengers must submit an online form indicating that they are free of COVID-19 and its symptoms

All arrivals must register before arrival on the Tarassud Plus COVID monitoring app (downloaded prior to their arrival & available in English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali) .

All arrivals into Oman will be subject to PCR tests (this tests for the presence of the virus), the results of which could take between one and seven days, and must enter 14-day quarantine, during which period they must wear an electronic wristband to monitor their whereabouts.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Foreign nationals coming to the Sultanate must show confirmation of reserved accommodation, and pay for any 14-day stay in institutional quarantine

A person’s temperature will be checked, and any people with symptoms of Covid-19 will have additional examination.

Muscat International Airport
Muscat International Airport

A passenger (departing) will be allowed to carry one hand baggage including a laptop along with another from duty-free shop, to avoid congestion at security checkpoints

Physical distancing must be followed when in an airport.

Omanis who wish to travel overseas must have health insurance that provides coverage for COVID-19

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Author: Tony Walsh

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