Picnic in Yemen to gain the letter Y as a Passport Stamp.

and gaining the letter ‘Y’

A client who had travelled with us previously was in a ‘competition’ to visit a country starting with each letter of the alphabet. There is only one with the letter ‘Y’, Yemen, and we organised a Yemen Visit for her.  To make things flow a bit more easily I decided on getting the visas, for both here and her friend, in advance at the Yemen Embassy in Muscat. Though they are available on the border I decided spending our company’s time in Muscat was a good trade-off to the guest’s time on the border. So after organising the Visa, and planning out the time around the trip, we went forward.

Beach Picnic for our Yemen Visit
Beach Picnic for our Yemen Visit

After a very nice drive through the Dhofar mountains, we arrived in Sarfait Oman where we would enter Yemen from, rather than the alternative route through the desert. An added plus, for me, was the superb scenery along the route which is dramatic and on the coast still green after the Monsoon.

Fortunately, our pre-organised Visas made the border crossing into Yemen relatively quick and we arrived in good time for a lunchtime meal.

Having done the route earlier I planned on a simple Picnic after a few dozen kilometres beyond the border at Hawf. Here we could be on a beach, making it a bit cooler for our guests.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman