Qaranqashoo at Bait Zubair the Ramadhan childrens event

On the 14th night of Ramadhan (the middle of that month) there is a childrens celebration called ‘Qaranqashoo’ (قرنقشوه) . It traditionally was when children went knocking on the front door of neighbours houses to ask for ‘halwa’ (sweets).

Qarenqashoo in Al Harthy Complex
Qarenqashoo in Al Harthy Complex

The first part of the word is used as part of similar names for a similar event throughout The Gulf. Over the years it has become a focus of commercial businesses. We used to buy a few kilos of sweets to give out from our shops in Al Harthy Complex after making certain they sang the song

قرنقشوه يوناس ”

عطونا شوية حلواي

“دوس دوس في المندوس

“ oh people its Qaranqasho

Give us some sweets

Put it them in our box”

Qarenqashoo in Bait Zubair
Qarenqashoo in Bait Zubair

Last night in Bait al Zubair, with the support of dozens of companies, there was face painting, musical chairs, and more – with the handing out of sweets as an almost incidental part of the evening.


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman