Rain in Oman’s Mountains

and schools in Muscat are to close on Sunday as a precaution

We spent a wonderful day up in the cool of Oman’s northern mountains. For much of the time we were under cloud cover which, as the day wore on, increased .

Shafts of Sunlight in Omans Mountains
Shafts of Sunlight in Omans Mountains


Its unusual to have extensive cloud cover here, but on the drive home we drove through about 150kms of intermittent rain – arriving in Muscat to find that the rain probably arrived in Muscat first, before covering the mountain peaks inland.

Corniche Muttrah
Corniche Muttrah

A stormy few days are forecast as all schools in Muscat are advised to close on Sunday by the Education Ministry


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

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    1. well in Muscat at least we didn’t – though the Muscat / Quriyat road was damaged ; but the pictures on your blog made me think we got relatively little – Bahrain seems to have had a lot

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