Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra

and a very enjoyable evening at Al Bustan

Simon Wright was the guest conductor for last night’s Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra performance at Al Bustan.

Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra
Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra

He has been a guest conductor for many renowned orchestras – so his visit to Oman is fortunate as he is a man who is used to quickly getting a good performance from new teams. The orchestra, established in 1985, seemed to have a greater mix of non-Omanis than I had noticed previously and a female Omani principal violin, again new to me .

The program consisted of the overture from Verdi’s Nabucco followed by Respighi’s Ancient Airs and Dances (1) a Baroque cum Medieval suite. The second half was Sibelius’s first symphony a nice contrast to the first half – though I enjoyed the first half more.


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

5 thoughts on “Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra”

  1. Please could you tell me if
    a CD of the ROSO is available and if it is,
    what is the name and other specifications
    are most welcome

    Thanks a lot,
    Inge – The Netherlands

    PS Ihave been living in Oman from 2005 – 2007

  2. I attend the Oman Royal Orchestra evening in Geneva which i enjoyed very very much and i woould like to get a CD or down load from their website.

    Would you please please help.

  3. In the region where Oman is situated The Royal Symphony Orchestra of Oman has a good reputation since long time.I am the Manager of Prof Erol Erdinç who gave a concert recently as guest conductor from Turkey and he appraised yothe level of the orchestra fullheartedly. I may propose a concert to the Orchestra in Turkey if you are interested.

  4. Is there a vacancy at ROSO? Im a french horn player…

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