Shangri-la Al Husn

It was great to be able to welcome the ‘Travel Management Team’ into Oman again with their corporate clients. After a non-stop flight into Muscat from London the 40 strong group arrived at Shangri-la Al Husn. We had organised a long weekend of rest and relaxation in Oman’s winter sun.

Travel Management Disco Shangri-la Al Husn
Travel Management Disco

The group arrived after Oman had experienced a cooler period of weather. The newspapers and talk here was of chill weather which culminated in snow on the higher mountains. Chill however is relative and at 20c daytime Muscat was hardly in the grip of frost – its simply that people adjust to a 30-40c normal range.

Catamaran Travel Management visit Shangri-la Al Husn
Catamaran Travel Management visit

Though the infinity pool set on the cliffs of Al Husn has its attractions for a private disco, we provided a cruise along the coast for several hours, which, I’m told, was the highlight of their stay – there is nothing like sun, sea and a catamaran when on holiday.
While anchored alongside a deserted beach a couple of small pods of Dolphins skirted the bay adding to the sense of having made a bit of an exploration.

Author: Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh - author and tour leader through Arabia