Strike at Lulu Supermarket

Arriving at the fruit and vegetable counter to get my Clementines weighed I was told firmly, but very politely, by the two Omani staff manning the scales that they were on strike. The staff on strike wore distinctive clothing and were asking for increased wage, bonus and better physical areas to work in.

Strike Action at Lulu
Strike Action at Lulu

Lulu seems to be one of the stand-outs in employment of Omani staff, including at supervisory level. Cashiers at Lulu earn Rial Omani 400 a month, well above the minimum wage. It was interesting that not all Omani staff seemed to be on strike and that the strikers role was filled by non-Omani employees. The management seemed to have accepted the limited effect it was having on the early morning business; wait till later.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman