Sultan Qaboos visit to Iran

A very opportune time to visit Iran

Iran is an important neighbour of Oman and the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be taking the oath for a new second four-year term. 

Sultan Qaboos will make his visit to Iran on Tuesday 4th. It has been scheduled a few weeks ago, but was postponed. Hormozgān province, which His Majesty will visit, is an interesting choice.

Today Bandar Abbas, main city of  Hormozgān, is Irans main Naval Base. In the past Oman ruled the town of Bandar Abbas  (named after Shah Abbas ) in the 18th and 19th c .

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Visited by Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta – the Island of Hormuz was the principal town of the Kingdom of Hormuz (an Omani/Arab Kingdom) whose second City was the, now ruined, town of Qalhat in Oman .

Persia has ruled parts of Oman, most notably under the Sassinids and later under Nadir Shah

So Sultan Qaboos will be in Iran on the day of the Oath by the new President. He will be the first Head of State and probably major world figure to visit Iran, since the recent elections – perhaps that was the original intention.

Author: Tony Walsh

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4 thoughts on “Sultan Qaboos visit to Iran”

  1. Amir, thanks for your comment on my blog

    Statistics which originate from the US (lets say like yours which use their Government Statistics – or actual US government sites) show Omans sq kms as being 212460 . The sovereign government of this territory (Sultanate of Oman) give a land area of 309,500 square kilometres (the link I gave on your blog is the Omani Ministry of Regional Municipalities (that is – areas away from the Capital of Oman = Muscat) .
    So that’s a very large difference – Oman states 50% appx larger.

    The Oman Government has verified borders with its neighbours; all maps etc are lodged with the United Nations and Oman has a very competent Survey Authority .

    I suspect that the US governments Statistics are out of date (probably mid 70s) and might exclude Dhofar the southern province of Oman as that’s about 30% of Oman’s land area – or reflect the exclusion of borders which until demarcation were disputed by other states.

    So in short I accept the Oman government figures are correct . Since the figures are logged with the UN – here is a UN site which also states the sq kms as being 309,500 .

  2. I wonder did he go take one of the royal yachts I’ve seen in Mutrah harbour, or did he fly?

    The history of Oman is interesting – I knew that Oman used to control Zanzibar, but I never knew it also had territory in present-day Iran – thanks for the info.

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