Oman’s Top 5 things to do in April with a little bonus option - making this 6 things

Oman’s Top 5 things to do in April often includes outdoor activities – but add in some indoor options as it gives a range of options.

Amouage Perfume Oman Oman’s Top 5 things to do in April
Amouage Perfume Oman

A visit to the Amouage Perfume Showroom north-west of Muscat International Airport is a great option for Oman’s Top 5 things to do in April. The showroom is easy to get to – and apart from a factory tour they do have a retail outlet to buy the product.

Royal Opera House - Muscat
Royal Opera House – Muscat

The Royal Opera House in Muscat usually has a full program during April and in April 2019 has a World Premiere of an Opera by Hrant Minas Keshishian.  He is an Egyptian/Armenian artist whose work dates back to 1962.

Hrant Minas Keshishian
Hrant Minas Keshishian

He is also a musical composer, and in Muscat, the premiere of his Ballet Al Hamama Al Mutawwaqa (The Ring Dove) directed by Ahmed Al Sayed and choreographed by Saly Ahmed will have performances on April 12th  13th.

Dhow - Musandam Oman’s Top 5 things to do in April
Dhow – Musandam

In Musandam the weather in April is ideal to go on a Dhow cruise from Khasab in the north or Daba in the south. From Khasab you will cruise into the still waters of the ‘Fjords’ and choose from a half or full day. The water will not seem as chilly as in earlier months (chill of course is relative).

A Camel event is held in April at Al Kamal & Al Wafi on 10th & 11th April. The track is in the town centre at Al Wafi – though ask where when you arrive as this is one of the oldest in Oman, and due for an upgrade.

Camel event Oman Oman’s Top 5 things to do in April
Camel event Oman

The races are in the morning, well before 9am look for 4×4 cars and picks ups streaming off the road to the race track.

As a small bonus – check out Bayt Ar Rudaydah in Birkat Al Mawz near Nizwa, its open from 3rd April with a fantastic armament collection with weapons associated with Oman.

Bayt Ar Rudaydah - Birkat Al Mawz
Bayt Ar Rudaydah – Birkat Al Mawz