Jewel of Muscat Exhibition in Muscat Oman

in Oman

Though the Belitung Wreck has its own museum in Singapore the Omani ship the “Jewel of Muscat” is at the core of the displays.

The Belitung Wreck (sank in the mid 9th century AD) was a treasure ship literally full of Chinese products Continue readingJewel of Muscat Exhibition in Muscat Oman

Jewel of Muscat

the sewn boat for Singapore

Just before it launches I took a look at the Jewel of Muscat, the replica of a 9th Century West Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea) boat. This is being constructed in Muscat and will sail to Singapore where it will be the focus of a Museum about the Belitung, a wreck full of Chinese merchandise .

The boat is sewn, rather than nailed together, a technique used in Oman until the mid 20th c .

Jewel of Muscat
Jewel of Muscat

The Jewel uses extreme sewing – which in most boats I’ve seen was used for structurally critical parts of a boat. Probably for a long ocean voyage, between Oman and China, every part of the boat would be considered critical.