Talk by Stuart Laing on Tippu Tip

I had planned to go to listen to a talk about Tippu Tip by Stuart Laing at SOAS London. It turned out to be a full day for me of, amongst other things, an East African experience. Passing through the British Museum on my way to a talk at SOAS; Zanzibari artefacts seemed to call out ‘ look at me’.

British Museum - Kofia mens cap - Zanzibari Kofia mens cap
British Museum – Kofia mens cap – Zanzibar

One was very familiar as the Continue reading “Talk by Stuart Laing on Tippu Tip”

Cambridge and King’s Lynn England

After all the snow and freezing weather, it was great to make a visit to Cambridge & Kings Lynn.

Kettles Yard Cambridge
Kettle’s Yard Cambridge

Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge re-opened in early Continue reading “Cambridge and King’s Lynn England”