Ruwi’s wet roads add a sparkle to Oman

Rain soaks Ruwi – and probably a few Donkeys

Wet Roads isn’t typical Arabia – but today after a few drops earlier in the afternoon Ruwi had a thunderstorm and glistening roads and streets were created.

A glistening road in Ruwi
A glistening road in Ruwi

Those few drops happened just as I finished swimming at Bandar Jissah, I only noticed as the car showed them up . Driving away I came upon these Donkeys. They were wandering through the wadi that goes into Bandar Jissah which must be Muscat’s most popular beach at the weekend. Just behind them is the famous Iron Age Cemetery at Bandar Jissah and its associated Iron Age Village .

Donkeys in Bandar Jissah's wadi
Donkeys in Bandar Jissah’s wadi

They are  the first little herd I have seen in the main area of Muscat for many years I suspect they will be spending a wet night in the wadi