Football in Oman

a win for National day

Al Taawn Football Team, which we sponsor,  had a good win in the local league competition to celebrate Oman’s 39th National Day . They won the first round 4:1 and went through to the final against Hai Aldhahir .

Football Winners
Football Al Taawn Football Team are Winners


In a very competitive game the single goal was scored by Yahya AlBusafi of Al Taawn . So it’s probably the only time Arabesque will overcome the might of Toyota – as we sponsor the winning team and they the losers.

Football result in Oman

the home side won – but it still would have been good for our team to win

Al Taawn ‘The Co-operation Team’, the football team we sponsor, were at a disadvantage playing against the Island Falcons – it was an away game. Both teams are from Quriyat – but the game was on the Island Falcons own pitch .

‘Al Taawn’ the team Arabesque sponsors
‘Al Taawn’ the team Arabesque sponsors


With good attacking players the Island Falcons managed to do what all teams playing at home should do – they won and unfortunately, Al Taawn are out of the tournament

It was a good lesson for Al Taawn, attackers are the way to win.

The Club Cup later in the year will hopefully see Al Taawn at least reach the top two.

Gulf Cup win for Oman in Style 6-5

Omans Gulf Cup – A gripping match – and yes, the best side did win

Phew – what a gripping Gulf Cup match – Oman had a good first half but weren’t able to finish their goal attempts; through to the second half and still no score, nail biting indeed. On to extra time, first 15mins, nothing, second 15 still nothing – and on to penalties. 5 goals each, and then – the Saudi missed and Oman’s Mohammed Al-Noobi got into the net – a win ; and in MHO a well deserved win. Just after the match – its a holiday on Sunday was announced.

Oman Gulf Cup Champions
Oman Gulf Cup Champions

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