OMAN Air at Heathrow

Oman Air offers a new route from mid January

Oman Air will be flying into Muscat from Heathrow in 2009. I must admit that the schedule suits me well at Heathrow – leaving at 2130 and getting in to Muscat the following morning at 0845 – the flight from Muscat at 13.20 is equally good and arrives at Heathrow at 1740. But Gatwick I found, on what I have to say will probably be only my second visit in my life, was far easier to get around and the train in from Charing Cross was so easy. I don’t expect they will run both – or will they?

Update – new times (as of 30 Aug 2009 – are depart Heathrow 22.35 and arrive 09.15 and from Muscat to Heathrow depart 13.45 and arrive Heathrow 19.05

Oman Air to Muscat

Flying from the green of an English Summer into Muscat on Oman Air

The rain of a typical British Summer has kept trees in early summer leaf (except the Horse Chestnut which, where we live, has been badly affected by the new fungus which creates an Autumn brown off in early July).

English Fields
English Fields

On the ground the constant downpours have forced the birds of the garden under the creepers, Continue reading “Oman Air to Muscat”