Oman Guide Book for 2018 ‘Exceptional Places’

Oman has been included in Bradt Guide’s 2018 ‘Exceptional Places’ and the Bradt Guide to Oman is now available worldwide.

This annual listing is a recommendation of those countries, cities or regions that Bradt, the award-winning guidebook publisher, feels should be visited.

Royal Opera House Muscat
Royal Opera House Muscat

This year’s exceptional places include Continue reading “Oman Guide Book for 2018 ‘Exceptional Places’”

Oman Air’s new flight into and out of Heathrow

will give morning and night departures from both Heathrow and Muscat International Airport.

Oman Air have introduced the first of their two extra daily flights into Muscat from Heathrow as part of their increase in capacity both in terms of aircraft and ground facilities when the new terminal opens at Muscat International Airport. From April Continue reading “Oman Air’s new flight into and out of Heathrow”

Oman Air Dramatically Increases Capacity from Heathrow

from 1 flight a day to 3 -Heathrow to Muscat . Oman Air is growing rapidly.

Oman Air have overnight increased their capacity from Heathrow to Muscat by 200%. This is the result of the highest ever purchase price for landing slots at Heathrow.

Oman Air Eton
Oman Air Eton

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Oman Air’s new Jets start arriving

the first of perhaps more than 10 new jets arrive into Muscat

Oman Air has taken delivery of the first of its new A330-200 Airbus jets. These are configured for 216 passengers, including 20 business class seats and 196 economy class seats.

Oman Air over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Oman Air over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

That should allow more comfort to visitors flying from London Heathrow, Paris, Munich & Frankfurt into Muscat.

The airline is expecting 7 planes with an option of 6 more.

Descending over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque into Muscat

and an early arrival home

The 22.35 Oman Air flight turns out to be the last flight scheduled from Heathrow each day.

Since, at night, there is no view – I had lots of time to read the inflight magazine. For the national airline I was disappointed that the In-Flight magazine was riddled with errors about Oman.

Oman Air Bandar Khiran
Oman Air Bandar Khiran

The error standouts were Continue reading “Descending over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque into Muscat”

Etihad to Muscat

A flight to remember for a lifetime

Taking Etihad from Heathrow to Muscat I was lucky to have a brand new plane, an Airbus 340 . It was a flying advert for the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix later this year.

As is often the case in The Gulf the flight attendants were from all over the world, mostly Far East, and I’m not certain if there were any Emiratis.

Will Smith in “I Robot” looks over my Etihad meal
Will Smith in “I Robot” looks over my Etihad meal

The meal was frankly poor – with rubber like Pasta – made worse by being served a couple of hours into the late evening flight. I found the entertainment selection extraordinary – 70films, 100 TV entertainment programs, no idea how many news Channels and presumably as many Audio choices. For a new plane it was a shock to have an aborted landing – with good recovery, thank you Mr  Pilot– because a wheel door apparently would not open. Our second attempt succeeded and it was comforting to see the fire tenders moving back into their sheds.

Arriving for transfer at Abu Dhabi into the new Terminal the Muscat flight was waiting in the old terminal – very nice because it’s distinctive. Flashing up on the TV – BBC breaking news Michael Jackson died. I can remember where I was the night Elvis (Presley) died and now will be able to add Michael Jackson to my life’s time line, through this flight.

The Jackson 5 and later Michael were not my favorites but his Music from ‘Off the Wall’ to ‘Thriller’ was so good. What a shock to his family and fans . He visited Oman a couple of years ago and I must say in Oman Michael Jackson was sooo popular that many people here will miss him.

OMAN Air at Heathrow

Oman Air offers a new route from mid January

Oman Air will be flying into Muscat from Heathrow in 2009. I must admit that the schedule suits me well at Heathrow – leaving at 2130 and getting in to Muscat the following morning at 0845 – the flight from Muscat at 13.20 is equally good and arrives at Heathrow at 1740. But Gatwick I found, on what I have to say will probably be only my second visit in my life, was far easier to get around and the train in from Charing Cross was so easy. I don’t expect they will run both – or will they?

Update – new times (as of 30 Aug 2009 – are depart Heathrow 22.35 and arrive 09.15 and from Muscat to Heathrow depart 13.45 and arrive Heathrow 19.05