11 Eid Events in Oman

There are lots of Eid Events in Oman (cultural, family oriented and a horse event)   this August 2018 – check them out and some places to see when you visit each.

22nd August 2nd Day of Eid 16:00 – onwards; SUR – N’ama Beach

Lighthouse and Al Ayjah - Sur
Lighthouse and Al Ayjah – Sur

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NEW UAE AND OMAN BORDER crossing changes at Al Ain

The Royal Oman Police, who are responsible for all aspects of immigration and emigration from Oman have announced new border facilities affecting UAE and Oman border crossing between Al Buraymi in Oman and Al Ain in the UAE from 18th May 2018.

Al Buraymi Gate
Al Buraymi Gate

UAE and Oman border crossing changes

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Oman and Yemen inspired magazine articles

I uploaded some Oman and Yemen inspired magazine articles I wrote

The Arabian Leopard was the subject of an article in the new daily paper from the UAE http://www.thenational.ae/article/20081009/NATIONAL/76935597. The piece highlights how few of the animals there are – the writer covered the possibility that there might be, or might not be one Arabian Leopard in the UAE mountains. That prompted me to scan in the piece I did about the Leopard for ‘Oman Today’ along with 3 other ones .

The visit I made into Wadi Hadhramaut which Oman Today (again) published in 2007 was a wonderful journey . Seeing ‘hand made’ houses rather than ones made from mass produced material was very stimulating. Each one individual and yet harmonious . To get some nice photos I wandered around just after dawn – in Seyoun waking up a pack of several dozen ‘wadi dogs’ on a mountain slope which made me back away very carefully and in Mukalla enjoying watching the men of the old town take up their places in the tea houses . Along the coast, the scenes of fishermen chasing gulls away from drying sardines spoke volumes of their need to preserve ‘wealth’ .

Bank Muscat asks me to produce brief articles which cover towns where they have branches . I am waiting in hope that they will ask me to do one for their Egyptian branch – and of course pay my travel expenses.

The files are probably not so large with broadband – but they take a while to download from Oman

Arabian Leopard in Dhofar

Wadi Hadhramaut Yemen

Ibri town in Oman

Al Hamra town in Oman