Sea and Sun in Musandam

Waking early enabled me to enjoy sunrise over Musandam as we entered Khasab on the Clipper Odyssey.

Bukha Fort Musandam
Bukha Fort Musandam

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New Ferry Terminal in Khasab Oman

Good news for car drivers

Oman’s Transport & Communications Ministry has confirmed that it will build two ferry terminals in Khasab and Shinas .

The 'Shinas' in Mina Sultan Qaboos
The ‘Shinas’ in Mina Sultan Qaboos

These will take the Ferries, enabling cars to be taken on board. Certainly Musandam is not the easiest of places to drive to – it involves 4 border posts each way and a dreadful drive through Ras al Khaimah .

I presume Mina Sultan Qaboos’s quays are good to unload and offload vehicles.