BATTLE OF MIRBAT a key event in the Dhofar war

In the far south of Oman is the location of one of Britain’s Special Air Service’s (SAS) more publicly known battles ‘The Battle of Mirbat’. On 25th October 2018, Prince Harry unveiled a memorial in Nadi, western Fiji, to one of the key participants, the Fijian Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba, of SAS.

View from Jabal Ali - Mirbat - Oman Battle of Mirbat
View from Jabal Ali – Mirbat – Oman

In the late 1960s & earlu 1970s the Popular Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG) were fighting against Continue readingBATTLE OF MIRBAT a key event in the Dhofar war

Marriott Hotel Salalah

looks as if it will be a nice hotel for Oman

Having just opened, it was nice to be able to visit the new Marriott Resort near Mirbat Oman. Set on a very interesting beach with some areas of white sand and others of rock it will be a good hotel to relax in, especially as its isolated at almost 80kms from Salalah.

Marriott Mirbat Salalah
Marriott Mirbat Salalah

On the drive back I made a visit into Shuwaymiyah, whose pale cliffs drop into the Arabian Sea , as I was staying in a small village nearby.