Shangri La in Muscat repositions its hotels branding

Omans first resort, and possibly most successful hotel property, is on the verge of being ‘repositioned’

Al Waha Shangri La
Al Waha Shangri La

regarding its Branding. The Shangri-la Barr Al Jissa Resort and Spa is probably the key hotel in Oman, and Continue reading “Shangri La in Muscat repositions its hotels branding”

Oman & Jordan guided small group tour

It’s always a pleasure to travel leading a small group tour. Zegrahm Expeditions, acclaimed for their exceptional programs, have included a guided small group tour to Oman & Jordan in their new tour program, lead by me.

Chedi Muscat Cabana poolside
Chedi Muscat Cabana poolside

The size of the group enables us to organise experiences that may not be available for an individual traveller. However, a small group usually does allow flexibility to Continue reading “Oman & Jordan guided small group tour”

Oman’s Royal Opera House – winter 2017-18 highlights

Oman’s Royal Opera House has a remarkable mix of performances over the 2017 – 2018 season. In September they launch with Aida by Verdi

Verdi conducting Aida in Paris1880
Verdi conducting Aida in Paris1880

for 3 days 14, 16,17 performed by Teatro Regio Torino (‘Royal Theatre’ Turin) – the Continue reading “Oman’s Royal Opera House – winter 2017-18 highlights”

2017 Tour of Oman

Details of the 2017 Tour of Oman have been announced. The race from 14th-19th February will have 6 stages and 18 teams are expected to take part incl from USA, Bahrain & UAE; but not from UK (perhaps the lack of a race in Doha has impacted here) or surprisingly Oman.

While each stage has its appeal – the two stand outs are

Tour of Oman - Birkat Al Mawz
Tour of Oman – Birkat Al Mawz

Stage 5 that climbs Continue reading “2017 Tour of Oman”

Ruwi’s Waterfall springs to life

The schools had their emergency day off and the rain came

With pulse after pulse of clouds coming over Muscat during the last few afternoons it was almost certain one would bring heavy rain; today was the day.

Ruwi Clouds coming in
Ruwi Clouds coming in

Schools had been closed for Continue reading “Ruwi’s Waterfall springs to life”

Dinner in Muscat

a version of Italian

One of the newer restaurants in Muscat is ‘La Fattoria Della Pizza” located in Madinat Qaboos within what is effectively the Kargeen Village. In fact, it turned out to be a Kargeen Restaurant as when we walked in the greeting was ‘Welcome to Kargeen’ and the Menu proclaimed the fact. We chose a Pizza with ‘ham’ (perhaps luncheon meat) Continue reading “Dinner in Muscat”

My Lucky Weekend

in Muscat

What a weekend full of good fortune I could pass on.  On Saturday Jojo Bird of ‘What’s Happening Muscat, Oman?‘ tagged me to say that I had just won a great prize of an HTC phone from eSaver in Muscat- the first prize I’ve won in soooo many years living in Oman. JoJo had told the group the day before about a Philipino teacher who had just died of cancer leaving 6 young children without a parent. Continue reading “My Lucky Weekend”

Celebrations for the return to Oman of Sultan Qaboos

at Oman’s Royal Opera House

The welcome return to Oman of Sultan Qaboos has been celebrated throughout Oman. Probably nowhere as spectacularly as at the Royal Opera House.

Royal Opera House Sound and Light welcomes Sultan Qaboos home.
Royal Opera House Sound and Light welcomes Sultan Qaboos home.

A Son et Lumière Continue reading “Celebrations for the return to Oman of Sultan Qaboos”

Bait Al Luban Restaurant Muttrah

for a nice meal

Opposite the Fish Souq (still under renovation) in Muttrah is a restored old house. On the upper floor is the Bait Al Luban Restaurant (Bait Al Luban is Arabic for Frankincense House ).

Luban Restaurant Room
Bait Al Luban Restaurant Room

Its decor is re-imagined traditional Omani and sets the atmosphere nicely. The restaurant has only just opened so diners were outnumbered by staff, however rather than Continue reading “Bait Al Luban Restaurant Muttrah”

National Museum in Oman

a tour with its distinguished designer, Jasper Jacob

As the National Museum in Muscat gets ready for a ‘soft opening’, it was kind of its designer Jasper Jacob to show me around the building and galleries, with explicit no photograph instructions (difficult to resist)!.

Jasper Jacob in Oman's National Museum
Jasper Jacob in Oman’s National Museum

Its state-of-the-art interior will enable the contents, most Continue reading “National Museum in Oman”