Island Sky in the Gulf

on its way to Oman

The Island Sky had wonderful weather for the Arabian Gulf section of our voyage. We wandered around the spice souq and then into the gold souq in Dubai.

Arabia's Spices
Arabia’s Spices

While the previous journeys had some cloud, for this one we had clear skies and warm weather. Continue reading “Island Sky in the Gulf”

Cruise to Dubai and Sir Bani Yas

via Sir bani Yas

The island of Sir bani Yas was to be the next destination of the Island Sky.

Sir Bani Yas animals
Sir Bani Yas animals

Here not only did we have a wonderful animal safari but also a superb lunch in the new hotel. Finally we arrived in Dubai as the sun rose to illuminate Continue reading “Cruise to Dubai and Sir Bani Yas”

Tour of Musandam in Oman from Noble Caledonia’s Island Sky

and Fujarah

Before our Tour of Musandam in Oman we arrived into Fujarah and took a tour through this part of the UAE.

Fujarah Museum exhibition
Fujarah Museum exhibition – The Sheikhs

The museum was Continue reading “Tour of Musandam in Oman from Noble Caledonia’s Island Sky”

Sur in Eastern Oman

after arriving by sea in Noble Caledonia’s Island Sky

During our guests holiday in Oman we paid a nice visit into Sur, near Oman’s eastern tip.

Fortifications of Sur Oman
Fortifications of Sur Oman

Continue reading “Sur in Eastern Oman”