Omani Wedding near Muscat

I enjoyed attending an Omani Wedding near Muscat. Dressed in traditional Omani dress with the addition of a formal Khunjar (dagger) &

Three Omani Bridegrooms at Omani Wedding near Muscat
Three Omani Bridegrooms

Saif (sword) three Omani Bridegrooms looked Continue reading “Omani Wedding near Muscat”

Camel Racing in Oman the new way

into the future with Robot jockeys

As a child I enjoyed Horse Riding – and occasional jumping. Though of course not as skilled as the 9 year old British children who enter the show jumping events at the UK’s Pony Club I cannot recollect my having a serious fall.

Perhaps it was this enjoyment of riding that attracted me to Camel Racing in Oman; though Camels don’t jump

Robot Jockeys
Robot Jockeys

they manage most other things , including beauty competitions.

The start of this years Camel Racing Season in Oman marks a departure from previous years. The jockeys – young Bedu boys from the local communities close to the race, with all their swagger and bravado – have disappeared, to be replaced by Robots.

Authentically Omani Bedu Jockeys
Authentically Omani Bedu Jockeys

I will certainly miss the cultural interest in future Camel races – and hope that the Pony Club in England doesn’t eject the British youngsters from their saddles in favour of robots.