Fireworks for Oman’s National Day Holiday

are the World Fireworks Championship

We always have wonderful fireworks for National Day holidays in Oman. While they used to be the Corniche, over the last few years they have shifted, like the population, along the coast and are now held in Qurm.

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Oman’s National Day

November 18th is Oman’s National Day. This year is the 38th celebration of what is referred to as Oman’s Renaissance since Sultan Qaboos ( حفظ الله صاحب الجلالة) became ruler of Oman . The changes since 1970 have been remarkable – of course it’s human nature to say the good old days were better but I have yet to hear anyone say that about Oman.

Times of Oman National Day 2008
Times of Oman National Day 2008

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