Qaranqashoo at Bait Zubair the Ramadhan childrens event

On the 14th night of Ramadhan (the middle of that month) there is a childrens celebration called ‘Qaranqashoo’ (قرنقشوه) . It traditionally was when children went knocking on the front door of neighbours houses to ask for ‘halwa’ (sweets).

Qarenqashoo in Al Harthy Complex
Qarenqashoo in Al Harthy Complex

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Buying an Omani Mussar Turban

a key part of Eid shopping

Ramadhan is a time of fasting of course. But in modern Oman it’s also a period of Omani Men’s Turban purchasing. Men’s Turbans’ are a key buy during Ramadhan as it will be worn during the Eid Prayer and general Celebrations immediately after Ramadhan. Usually, the Turban choice is planned to go with the new Dishdasha (traditional gown) which is almost certainly Tailor-Made for every adult male. Sandals are also considered around the same time.

Buying Omani Men's Turban
Buying Turban

I must say that, accompanying a friend, I felt the shopkeeper needed the ‘patience of Job’ our neighbour buried in Salalah . Colour, Pattern, Quality and, of course price, are key elements in making a decision and with hundreds of Turbans to choose from, in each shop, it’s a task that is not for the faint hearted.

Omani Men's Turban Buying a Omani Mussar Turban
Buying a Omani Mussar Turban

The colour is often matched with the stitching colour in the Dishdasha. For Eid the Dishdasha is typically white, and if tailored in Oman will be one of 5 government approved styles. Individual touches are the stitched embroidery around the neckline – and the stitching here can be a colour. This colour is often specifically matched to the colour of the Turban.

There are many specialist shops in every town for the men’s Turbans. Each shop will stock hundreds of examples, in every shade of the rainbow, in a remarkable range of qualities. And then this dazzling choice needs to be sifted through – to match a client’s preference.


Ramadhan in Oman

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is a time of abstinence and a period of great joy in Oman and throughout the Islamic world. Throughout the month the daylight fast is broken with ‘Iftar’ which for many men is a light meal eaten as a large gathering in the mosque

All eyes on Prince Charles Mohamed Mahjoub
All eyes on Prince Charles by Mohamed Mahjoub

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