Saudi to Oman Road still to open

The Saudi to Oman Road opening has been planned for many years. In Oman’s north-west is the small town of Tanam, which was a small part of Oman’s Oil production leap. Its just about to feature again as the much talked about Saudi – Oman road seems about to open early 2017; Tanam is the last anything before the border.

Rub Al Khali Oman
Rub Al Khali Oman

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Oman Saudi Road near opening

possibly as early as October

The announced Oman Road to Saudi opening will create the 1st direct tarmac road linkage between Oman and Saudi Arabia, despite the border between the two countries being some 700 kilometres long. This is all about to change with the Oman Road to Saudi opening south-east of the international border intersection between Oman, Saudi & the UAE.

Rub Al Khali
Rub Al Khali / Empty Quarter

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