Nizwa Market in Oman

bustling in the build up to Eid

Nizwa Souq in Oman before Eid
Nizwa Souq in Oman before Eid

Starting off in Al Sawadi we made a stop in Nizwa to enjoy the Friday market . Though our guests have visited Oman with us every year for the last six years the market is still a must see . This years was especially busy as it was in the build up to Eid.

Walking along the Coast of Dhofar
Walking along the Coast of Dhofar

Then on through the Wahiba Sands and down the coast to arrive in Salalah several days later . The summer Monsoon’s green had largely disappeared – but a very enjoyable walk along the coast still took us through areas of vegetation – while in the water Turtles and Sharks swam in surprisingly close proximity .

Turtles on Masirah Island Oman

Masirah Island’s Turtles were the subject for the HAO this evening

Elayne Looker gave a very nice presentation to the Historical Association of Oman about Masirah Island’s Turtles in Oman.

Masirah Island's Turtles in Oman with Elayne Looker
Elayne Looker brought some massive Turtle skulls to her talk, on the right is a Leatherback and next to it is a Loggerhead skull..

She has been surveying and researching on Masirah Island where the worlds largest population of Loggerhead Turtles nest . Elayne gives training to all Turtle Rangers in Oman and certainly the ones at Ras Al Jinz are passing her information on to visitors. Amongst the hazards turtles face are tourism properties near beaches, and the example of one on the main turtle beach in Masirah was mentioned. Other hazards are plastic bags, which resemble jellyfish a key food for many turtles and ‘J’ hooks used to catch fish.