Oman’s Flora and Fauna

on a Group Tour in Oman

I took a small group from Zegrahm Expeditions to visit Oman’s Botanic Garden where Dr Annette Patzelt the site’s Scientific Director kindly explained the work and future of this unique establishment.

Dr Annette Patzelt at Omans Botanic Garden
Dr Annette Patzelt at Omans Botanic Garden

The Botanic garden has the Continue reading “Oman’s Flora and Fauna”

Frankincense in Dhofar

Frankincense is such an evocative word for many religious people, but few have a chance to visit the real Frankincense in Dhofar. Its associated with religious ceremonies worldwide and of course with the gifts brought by the 3 Kings, or Continue reading “Frankincense in Dhofar”