Tropic of Cancer in Oman

I chased the sun through Oman along the Tropic of Cancer

A crawl up the slopes of Jebel Misht and then a very tired stumble back into the car – sunset in the Rub Al Khali and a puncture on the way out  – the link – all on my search for the Tropic of Cancer in Oman.

Tropic of Cancer in Oman Wadi bani Awf
Tropic of Cancer Wadi bani Awf

Its one of the Earths great circles of latitude. Cutting through northern Oman, the Tropic of Cancer crosses some of Oman’s most spectacular scenery and historical places. I journeyed along the Tropic from the place where the sun first touches Oman to its setting.

Tropic of Cancer in Oman
Tropic of Cancer in Oman

OmanToday’s June issue has an article of my journey of discovery ‘Chasing the Sun’


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4