Groups visiting Oman

I welcomed Groups visiting Oman around Christmas with the 2nd lead by Dr Erica Hunter of Cambridge and SOAS London Universities into a fresh and sometimes blustery Oman.

Dr Hunter and Ace Study Tours Groups visiting Oman
Dr Hunter and Ace Study Tours

The group was booked with me by ACE Study tours near Cambridge England. We travelled in northern Oman visiting Jabrin to see the castle, Al Ayn with its ‘beehive’ tombs and finally Ras Al Jinz to enjoy the Green Turtles. Then we flew down to Dhofar in southern Oman where we visited Sumhuram and Al Bilad UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Taiwanese Group Groups visiting Oman
Taiwanese Group

A few days before, the Taiwanese representative and his wife (to my left) in Oman hosted a group of tour operators from Taiwan for a very authentic Taiwanese dinner. My lack of skill with chopsticks either went un-noticed or more probably the experts were too polite to comment.

Author: Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh - author and tour leader through Arabia