New Born Kittens in Oman

A real surprise and a happy ending

What a surprise I had at the Car Wash today – In the engine compartment – 5 wet kittens.

Home for 5 new born kittens in Oman
Home for 5 new born kittens in Oman

They must have been born during the night and perhaps a warm engine compartment seemed ideal.

So – in a box they went, to dry in the sun . Then, after my car was sorted out – a quick drive home to try and re-unite cat and kittens. Fortunately, a likely candidate was fighting with a tom-cat. When she ran off under a car I placed the box near her.

Mother & Kittens
Mother & Kittens

Amazingly, it was the right mother. She grabbed 1 kitten and took it around a corner to a relatively secluded place – and I put the box and others next to her chosen place.

After a few hours she hadnt noticed them – I tipped them near her. Then a few hours later all were feeding – how sweet.


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman