Wind Power in Oman

Work has started for the  Harweel  50MW project for Wind Power in Oman.

General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy who are supplying the turbines for the site said “road works, civil works and foundation works are currently ongoing”.

Wind Power in Oman
Wind Power in Oman

The turbines components should arrive 

in Dhofar in September. The installation of the 13 turbines will start the following month. The project will eventually meet the electricity demand of 16,000 homes in Thumrayt, west of Harweel. When fully completed the wind project will have a total area of 200,000 square metres and could meet 50 per cent of electricity requirements in Dhofar region during the winter period, said an earlier report.

Landscape south of Harweel - Dhofar
Landscape south of Harweel – Dhofar

Harweel is some 125km northeast of Salalah and is an area of open, treeless rocky plateau.

Previous reports indicated that the wind farm would cost 48Million Omani Rials (US$125 million). Up to 25 turbines might eventually be installed, each being up to 145 metres high. Each will have a production capacity of is 2 to 3.2 MW depending on individual conditions.


The project is operated by Masdar and as well as GE, Spain’s TSK is the engineering company. The electricity produced will be sold to the Oman government’s Rural Areas Electricity Company and is expected to produce electricity from 2019.

Oman hopes to have 10% of its electricity from renewables by 2025.

Author: Tony Walsh

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