World Architecture Festival awards a building in Oman a prize.

Its nice that a building in Oman has won an award in the ‘Future Projects, Leisure led development’ at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

Shuwaymiah Gunoot Eco Resort
Shuwaymiah Gunoot Eco Resort

They have a quote on their website “WAF is the best in terms of breadth and depth of architects. Mostly you don’t get a meeting of world architects, but here you do. It’s the number one.” so the award seems very prestigious.

Their Omani choice is a strange building, which is unlike any other building in Oman. The architects claim it will be “attracting eco tourists seeking remote and authentic experiences”. Its certainly remote, we were the only people, apart from the caretaker, for miles around and I was probably the only non-Omani for even more, perhaps 100+.

Shuwaymiah Gunoot Eco Resort
Shuwaymiah Gunoot Eco Resort Dome Interior

But I wonder how the building itself can be described as ‘authentic’ to Oman particularly the southern coastal region its built in. Rather, it does seem to be an imaginary ‘Star Wars’ house teleported into Oman from Africa. There is no even remotely similar building in the sultanate, either modern or old.

Author: Tony Walsh

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