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Olympic Torch in Muscat

On its way to China the Olympic Torch snaked its way through Muscat today – I parked my car just behind the roadblocks and joined the crowds.
Oman is the only Arab country where the torch will visit – therefore the government invited personalities from around the Arab world to share in the torch carrying.

Olympic Torch Corniche
Olympic Torch Corniche

It can’t have been a co-incidence that Continue reading “Olympic Torch in Muscat”

Fish and Flora in Oman

The green stuff is very much the focus in Muscat at the moment.

Dr Annette Patzelt
Dr Annette Patzelt

Apart from the green dollars coming in from high oil prices the new Botanical Garden project is now under way and due for completion in 2010 – the same opening time that the new Continue reading “Fish and Flora in Oman”

Meals in Oman

It has been a week of contrasts with meals for me. In the rarefied atmosphere up on the 2000meter high plateau of Jabal Akhdar I took clients on a walk through the flowering Peach, Apricot and Almond gardens where fragile flowers bloom in a rugged landscape. We then enjoyed a wonderful lunch of rice and chicken in the home of a local family – the chicken, flavoured with spices was the most tasty chicken I had eaten in a long time .
Several hundred kilometres away near Masirah Island & 2000meters lower down from my mountain lunch I shared a night-time meal of rice and locally caught fish a few meters from the Arabian Sea. We joined local fisher folk for dinner by the light of an old lantern with the sound of the surf in a very atmospheric meal
The section of coast we enjoyed has a scattering of small fishing villages who use the beach or boat to travel from one to the other.
During the winter, the beaches are full of gulls snacking off discarded fish from the anglers’ nets. Other sea bird passing including chains of undulating cormorants as they flew from their roost to feeding grounds farther along the coast.
By way of contrast back in Muscat I was delighted to have a couple of dinners at The Chedi with Timothy Burrill just before his film ‘La vie en Rose’ won a couple of Oscars. With classic Italian food, a delightful restaurant and sparkling conversation from Timothy and Petra it rounded off a week of special meals.

Shangri-la Al Husn

It was great to be able to welcome the ‘Travel Management Team’ into Oman again with their corporate clients. After a non-stop flight into Muscat from London the 40 strong group arrived at Al Husn hotel, part of Shangri La’s Barr al Jissah Resort and Spa. We had organised a long weekend of rest and relaxation in Oman’s winter sun.

Travel Management Disco
Travel Management Disco

The group arrived after Oman had experienced a cooler period of weather. The newspapers and talk here was of Continue reading “Shangri-la Al Husn”

Lexus showroom opens in Muscat

It’s the weekend and Muscat is engulfed in a dust storm and high winds. Fortunately living, as I do, in a valley means our building is spared the stronger winds.

Lexus opening fireworks
Lexus opening fireworks

Despite the wind, in the evening the pyrotechnic Continue reading “Lexus showroom opens in Muscat”

Christmas visitors into Oman

Our small Christmas tour group arrived into nice pleasantly warm sunny weather.

Ace Study Tours Group at Al Ayn
Ace Study Tours Group at Al Ayn

They were booked with me by ACE Study Tours, based near Cambridge. We travelled into Nizwa and enjoyed Continue reading “Christmas visitors into Oman”

Land of Frankincense Museum

A new museum space has opened as part of the Land of Frankincense Museum.

Maritime Museum Al Baleed
Maritime Museum Al Baleed

The focus of this new opening is Oman’s maritime heritage and with the existing history hall, they create the nicest Museum in Oman. The museum also has Continue reading “Land of Frankincense Museum”

Harley-Davidson Owners Group in Muscat

This week has not only been one celebrating the National Day of Oman but it has had a preponderance of glamorous mechanical equipment on the streets and skies. First off were Britain’s Red Arrows. They come to Oman on a regular basis and perform over the main beach in Muscat.

Harley-Davidson in Muscat
Harley-Davidson in Muscat

The attraction is Continue reading “Harley-Davidson Owners Group in Muscat”

Oman Equestrian Federation

Al Bandar in the Oman Shangri-la resort was the venue for the Oman Equestrian Federation annual presentation ceremony and I was delighted to sit down and enjoy the evening.

Oman Equestrian Federation Dinner
Oman Equestrian Federation Dinner

Oman has a thriving interest in Equestrian affairs and I enjoy the chance to Continue reading “Oman Equestrian Federation”

Ramadhan in Oman

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is a time of abstinence and a period of great joy in Oman and throughout the Islamic world. Throughout the month the daylight fast is broken with ‘Iftar’ which for many men is a light meal eaten as a large gathering in the mosque

All eyes on Prince Charles Mohamed Mahjoub
All eyes on Prince Charles by Mohamed Mahjoub

in a similar fashion to the meal enjoyed by Prince Charles Continue reading “Ramadhan in Oman”

Islamic Art in London

Though the cyclone & heavy rain in Oman during 2007 was a shock, it was extraordinary to then holiday in Britain during some of its worst flooding for many years. Fortunately, apart from a short visit to St Antony’s College in Oxford, I was well away from the flooding. This summer two similar collections of Islamic Art were exhibited in London Continue reading “Islamic Art in London”