OMAN UAE BORDER CROSSING how to travel into Oman from Al Ain UAE - with maps below

The UAE and Oman border crossing between Al Buraymi in Oman and Al Ain in the UAE have new border facilities announced by The Royal Oman Police. These are effective from 18th May 2018.

Al Buraymi Gate
Al Buraymi Gate

I list all 3 of the Oman UAE Border Crossings in Al Ain below – with Maps. I also give links for Oman Visa, Bus information, Insurance needed for Oman and British Embassy Oman Travel page.

UAE and Oman border crossing changes announced that 

The Sa’ara border point in Al Al Buraymi is now open for Omanis and expats, making it easier to travel to the UAE from Oman.

“Both Omanis and expats planning a trip to the UAE can use this new border point, which was opened on Tuesday,” said a Royal Oman Police (ROP) official in Times of Oman and quoted at length by the Khaleej Times in the UAE.

The Royal Oman Police have also announced the opening on Twitter, though without details of who may use it.

With this announcement about the Sa’ara border point in Al Buraymi  (corresponding to Hilli in Al Ain UAE) there are 3 locations to cross between Oman & the UAE at Al Buraymi.

As you are visiting Oman – check out all my Blog Posts – on the top right. they take you throughout the country.

Here are all 3 of the Oman UAE Border Crossings – with Maps and comments.

The Mezayad crossing through Al Buraymi / Al Ain is ideal to use if you intend to travel from Abu Dhabi & Dubai to Nizwa, Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Wihaba Sands and down to Salalah (all covered in my guidebook Bradt Guide to Oman and my guide to The Land of Frankincense covers historic sites in Salalah and Dhofar). For Muscat and the Al Batinah regions of Oman the Dubai Hatta border or Khatm Al Shikla (below) are used.

Below is the Sa’ara/Hilli border.

The Sa’ara/Hilli border is ideal to use simply to move in and out of Al Buraymi and Al Ain. If you want to go onto Suhar then you will also pass through another Oman border post at Wadi Al Jizzi.

Below is Khatm Al Shikla (Shakla/Shiklah ) which is paired with Wadi Saa or Wadi Al Jizzi.

Khatm Al Shikla leads to either Wadi Saa (the right turn after the UAE emigration), that is really little used and not suggested, or Wadi Al Jizzi (left fork and about 20mins farther on) that is by far the more used route.

Below is Mezyad in the UAE which is paired with Hafeet in Oman.

Although out of town these two immigration/ emigrations are the principal crossing points with excellent facilities and capacity for numerous vehicles, making the crossing quicker. As said earlier this route is ideal for Nizwa and Salalah. They are ideal to use as the staff in them are used to any type of crossing issue (passport, period of time, language etc) and the offices are very unlikely to close for administrative reasons. It is the one preferred by the UAE authorities.
The distance between the UAE border and Oman border offices at Mezyad – Hafeet is about 1500meters.

As always things may change and it is always advisable to check with the authorities to get information about the situation when you plan to travel.

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Reviews of Bradt Guide to Oman
Amazon UK Reviews of Bradt Guide to Oman

For more information on bus from Dubai to Oman click here or  use the search box on the upper right of this page – or just for Taxi click here.

For Visa requirements, I suggest that you carefully review the impact of the new Visa Application procedure for Oman announced by the Oman Government.

You will also want to review your insurance for Oman and new government policies on the horizon. Also ensure your vehicle is permitted to cross out of the UAE.

Note should also be taken about a notice from the British Embassy that there have been random refusals by authorities at the Hatta (Dubai) crossing says the British Embassy in Muscat.
I suspect these issues might be specific and unique to the persons affected or their not using the designated non-GCC National route which is not Direct from/to Dubai and is via route E102 Sharjah – Shawka & after that take the junction for road to Hatta (and vice versa) rather than general border regulations.

British Embassy Muscat Travel Advice denied entry to oman from abu dhabi
British Embassy Muscat Travel Advice

To link from Al Ain into Dubai there is a fast highway at the north-east of Al Ain with 3 lanes in either direction.

Insurance for vehicles remains as before and covered on page 57 of the Bradt Guide to Oman.

When exiting from the UAE make certain you can pay the AED35 charge to the emigration authority.

Have you used any of the UAE borders into Oman since January 1st?
Why not email me if this blog post needs an update.

Above is the apparent current situation regarding border crossings at Al Buraymi / Al Ain – below is the previous situation – left so you can see what had been announced before.

PREVIOUS Al Buraymi / Al Ain border regulations detailed below just for background if you want!

The border crossing places for non GCC Nationals at Al Ain/Al Buraymi have been announced by the UAE authorities in Abu Dhabi Emirate. From January 1 2018 there are now only 2 designated border crossings into/from the UAE & Oman for non GCC Nationals  at Al Ain/Al Buraymi.

Welcome to UAE and Oman border crossing changes
UAE and Oman border crossing changes

Welcome to UAE

The designated crossings are at the Abu Dhabi Emirate Al Ain city border and seem to be only regarding the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and not the other Emirates. However (isnt there always a ‘however’!), though normal traffic including passenger Bus are using the principal UAE / Oman border at Hatta (which is approached for non-GCC nationals via  Sharjah – Shawka – Hatta Road) there have been random refusals by authorities at the Hatta (Dubai) crossing says the British Embassy in Muscat, (these might have no connection to a general border crossing).

British Embassy Muscat Travel Advice
British Embassy Muscat Travel Advice

So that you can consider time factors involved if you are unable to use Hatta – the journey time from Dubai to the Mezayad border is around 2hours (160kms) while from Sharjah via Shawka to Hatta is around 90mins (130kms); regulations within the UAE and Oman can change with no notice.

Both of these options for non-GCC Nationals at Al Ain, which are on the southern side of Al Buraymi, may have been decided on as they have an automated vehicle scanning system. The change means that the Hilli / Sa’ara border cannot be used between Al Buraymi/Al Ain, requiring a very long loop via Mezyad and, avoiding Khatm Al Shikla, take the roundabout to Wadi Saa into Al Buraymi town.

The new designated crossings are one that was previously for trucks at Khatm Al Shikla, whose corresponding Oman border is Wadi Saa . The other is the existing passenger vehicle crossing at Mezyad / Jabal Hafit on the main Ibri / Al Ain road.
Khatm Al Shikla is accessed from a turn off the main Ibri / Al Ain road or a turn from the Suhar / Al Buraymi road shortly before the elevated flyover . To visit Al Buraymi from Oman via either Wadi Saa or Wadi Al Jizzi (Suhar & Al Batinah coast) will still require passing through Omani border posts but does not require using any UAE border post.

Welcome to Khatm Al Shikla
Welcome to Khatm Al Shikla

The announcment – “Please note that it has been decided to transfer foreign travellers (UAE residents and GCC residents), to the port of Khatm Al Shikla and the port of Mezyad. Only GCC citizens who accompany these residents can have their processing done here as well.” Quotes the Times of Oman
Below is Khatm Al Shikla (Shakla/Shiklah )

It also appears from the newspaper report that GCC citizens cannot use the borders unless they accompany non-GCC citizens – although at Mezyad that frankly has to be wrong as its on the main road.

Below is Mezyad.

To link from Al Ain into Dubai there is a fast highway at the north-east of Al Ain with 3 lanes in either direction.

I suggest that you make your own enquiries regarding this alteration – for regulations do change, often without notice.
Update 19th Feb – Also suggested is that you carefully review the impact of the announced new Visa Application procedure
Have you used any of the UAE borders into Oman since January 1st?
Why not leave a comment if this blog post needs an update.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4

8 thoughts on “OMAN UAE BORDER CROSSING how to travel into Oman from Al Ain UAE - with maps below

  1. Hi.. Do you know if hatta crossing to oman is open 24hrs. Google says it opens 9 am to 5 pm.

    1. Hello Azmir
      You dont mention if you mean the UAE or Oman immigration/emigration.
      Hatta is a major International Border crossing – UAE & Oman immigration/emigration operates 24hours a day.

  2. Dear Tony

    I would like to know can we get on arrival visa from border or only through online ?

    1. Dear Nobey
      Thanks for the message.
      The Royal Oman Police have said that the only way to obtain a Visa is Online.
      See my post with various links here
      If you want to see whats involved you could register and then go through the steps – so that you can then make certain you have clear copies of all documents to upload.
      If you visit Oman it will be great if you can leave a comment again with your Visa application experience

  3. hi, can you confirm that the Mezyad border is open to non GCC persons. we are travelling from Abu Dhabi into Oman. the hire car company thinks we cant cross here now. but reports are confusing.

    1. Hi Janine
      I cant really confirm as the only entity able to do that is the UAE border authority.
      Certainly, your car hire ought to know the correct information as they have to Insure the vehicle to cover both UAE and Oman regulations.
      However – ask them and include the following points
      What is the border you should use? This might be important specifically for insurance and only they can answer– you must have Oman insurance
      The Mezayed Border is on the main Dual Carriageway between UAE and Oman and it is extremely unlikely that having created a major crossing point – that the UAE authorities will close it.
      The Khatm Al Shikla border is relatively close and if you check the Google Map included on this Blog – you will see that after entering into Oman via Wadi Saa there is a road that will return you onto the main highway into Ibri – Nizwa – Muscat
      about 5kms south of Mezayed 
      have a nice time in Oman

  4. Hello! Given how difficult (impossible) it is to find information online regarding border crossings, I decided I’d drop you a note! We’re tourists visiting Oman who decided on a last minute road trip to Dubai. Given unknowns at the “Hatta” crossing, we took the hwy 7 Oman exit to the Khatm Al Shakla UAE post. Getting stamped out of Oman and into the UAE was straightforward and painless with proper rental car paperwork. The Oman exit agent confirmed we can apply for another single entry visa upon our return – we’ll test that out tomorrow and will report back if any issues. Thanks for the info you provided!

    1. Hi BC
      Firstly thank you for taking the time to comment, especially about this.
      The announcement which seemed so definitive – clearly isn’t; and yet there is no clear official procedure.
      I really look forward to learning about your return to Oman – and hope your Oman and Dubai holiday was successful.

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