Oman and UAE border changes

The UAE authorities have announced (according to Times of Oman) that from January 1 2018 there are now only 2 designated border crossings into the UAE.

These are both into / from Al Ain & Al Buraymi, though as they preclude the busiest UAE / Oman crossing at Hatta into Dubai expect a series of further changes.

Welcome to UAE
Welcome to UAE

The announcement might simply be applicable to Abu Dhabi which operates a separate border system from Dubai and the other Emirates. Its impossible to apply to Musandam’s borders which has no direct access to either of these UAE locations.

The designated crossings, both of which are on the southern side of Al Buraymi, may have been decided on as they have an automated vehicle scanning system.

The new designated crossings are the existing passenger vehicle crossing at Mezyad / Jabal Hafit on the main Ibri / Al Ain road and one that was previously for trucks at Khatm Al Shikla, whose corresponding border is Wadi Saa which needs a short road detour. Khatm Al Shikla is accessed from a turn off the main Ibri / Al Ain road or a turn shortly before the elevated flyover from the Suhar / Al Buraymi road. To visit Al Buraymi from Oman will still require passing through Omani border posts but does not require using any UAE border post.

Welcome to Khatm Al Shikla
Welcome to Khatm Al Shikla

“Please note that it has been decided to transfer foreign travellers (UAE residents and GCC residents), to the port of Khatm Al Shikla and the port of Mezyad. Only GCC citizens who accompany these residents can have their processing done here as well.” Quotes the Times of Oman

It also appears that GCC citizens cannot use the borders unless they accompany non-GCC citizens.

Oman’s principal road crossing in the area is on the Suhar / Al Buraymi road and this might still be an option to use to access Khatm Al Shikla, subject to decisions by the Royal Oman Police. The existing road from Ibri into Al Ain / Al Buraymi is possible to use to access both.

To link from Al Ain into Dubai there is a fast highway at the north-east of Al Ain with 3 lanes in either direction.
This blog page will be updated when further changes are made and so now map is included until then.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4

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