Oman Equestrian Federation

Al Bandar in the Oman Shangri-la resort was the venue for the Oman Equestrian Federation annual presentation ceremony and I was delighted to sit down and enjoy the evening.

Oman Equestrian Federation Dinner
Oman Equestrian Federation Dinner

Oman has a thriving interest in Equestrian affairs and I enjoy the chance to Continue reading “Oman Equestrian Federation”

Ramadhan in Oman

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is a time of abstinence and a period of great joy in Oman and throughout the Islamic world. Throughout the month the daylight fast is broken with ‘Iftar’ which for many men is a light meal eaten as a large gathering in the mosque

All eyes on Prince Charles Mohamed Mahjoub
All eyes on Prince Charles by Mohamed Mahjoub

in a similar fashion to the meal enjoyed by Prince Charles Continue reading “Ramadhan in Oman”

Islamic Art in London

Though the cyclone & heavy rain in Oman during 2007 was a shock, it was extraordinary to then holiday in Britain during some of its worst flooding for many years. Fortunately, apart from a short visit to St Antony’s College in Oxford, I was well away from the flooding. This summer two similar collections of Islamic Art were exhibited in London Continue reading “Islamic Art in London”

Jabal Akhdar Oman

The April heat of Muscat made it great to ascend to the cooler heights of Jabal Akhdar and join Professor Reginald Victor and Mrs Victor with the Environment Society of Oman on a visit to several areas that are included in his long-term  study of the ecosystem of Jabal Akhdar.

Reginald Victor
Reginald Victor

He is so enthusiastic about his subject and managed to include Continue reading “Jabal Akhdar Oman”

Omani Honey Hunt

Visiting the extremities of Oman is something I enjoy, for both Musandam and Dhofar have unique scenery and culture.

Jabal Samhan Honey Hunt
Jabal Samhan Honey Hunt

In Dhofar we were expertly guided along the slopes of the massive escarpment of Jabal Samhan.  Following little used paths, we walked up the mountain slopes  under good cloud cover that created ideal walking weather.  Our route was along old camel tracks, perhaps originally used to transport frankincense from the valleys behind the escarpment.  Wild animals also use these pathways we saw scat and spore showing the overnight journeys of animals.

Honey Feast
Honey Feast

Our trip was in search of honey Continue reading “Omani Honey Hunt”

Groups visiting Oman

I welcomed Groups visiting Oman around Christmas with the 2nd lead by Dr Erica Hunter of Cambridge and SOAS London Universities into a fresh and sometimes blustery Oman.

Dr Hunter and Ace Study Tours Groups visiting Oman
Dr Hunter and Ace Study Tours

The group was booked with me by ACE Study tours near Cambridge England. We travelled in Continue reading “Groups visiting Oman”